AGM Minutes 2014

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Annual General Meeting ,…Held on 18th August 2015 at Woodhill Hall.
Meeting Opened 7.30pm
Last years AGM minutes read and accepted by Spotty and Murray
Last years financial report read and accepted by Gary and Spotty
Existing Committee stood down & all Office Bearer positions declared Vacant.
Tommy Hayes presided as chairperson
Election was held, and the following members were voted in to the following positions for 2015- 2016 year:
Bruce Browne was voted President -Unopposed
Michael Taylor was voted Vice President (after secret ballot involving Gary Baker & Michael Taylor)
Matt Enright was voted Treasurer - Unopposed
Gary Baker was voted Secretary, _ Unopposed
Councilor Trevena Schwarz was Nominated by Matt Enright to be club patron for the year, (provided she accepts)
Voting & AGM closed at 7.50pm.

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